Heiliger des Tages

Saint Ludger (809)

He was the apostle of Saxony, and the first Bishop of Munster. He supported the Emperor Charlemagne in his appreciation and realization of the sanctity and the necessity of the Catholic Faith. Saint Ludger wrote Saint Gregory of Utrecht’s life.

The Incarnation

It was on March 25 that Adam and Eve were created. It was on March 25 that Our Lord was conceived in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was on March 25 that Jesus died on the Cross … WEITERLESEN

Saint Gabriel

The name Gabriel means Strength of God. Saint Gabriel is the special angel of the Annunciation. He is the Guardian Angel of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was he who brought the news of the Annunciation to her. He came … WEITERLESEN

Our Lady of Victories

This is the name given to a beautiful image of the Blessed Virgin which the French took from the Greeks at Constantinople in 1204 in a battle in which they scored a victory. There is also a famous and much-loved … WEITERLESEN